At CPM Partnership we offer reliable, honest and affordable design and build services, with skilled and experienced construction professionals.

We are established

Our core value of authenticity has helped to secure a long-standing client base, developing trusted relationships, with many returning clients. Our extensive and proven supply chain has been built up over the years, with contractors selected based upon both our experience with them, and their value and suitability to the projects at hand.

With each successful project under our belt, we are building long-standing relationships with key industry suppliers, further widening our ability to provide clients with the ideal solutions to their builds.

We design with practicality in mind

Our design service and pooled resource approach, enables us to provide clients with initial concepts that fully consider build quality and materials as well as feasibility, drawing on years of experience and positive supplier relationships.

We offer customised solutions

Our wide experience in providing new build, refurbishment and building maintenance solutions, including the supply of specialised business equipment to the healthcare, motor and education industries, enables us to provide a complete and bespoke solution to these particular sectors. This also endorses our capability to deliver similar, complete and operational builds to future industry related clients.

We are flexible

Our teams of experts are adept to working in live site conditions. Irrespective of the type of build, we can work around your business, enabling you to continue operating, with as little disruption to your life as possible.

We are experienced

With over 30 years in the commercial, public and private sectors, we have handled many different build scenarios, including flood damage restoration, listed building restrictions, and similar environmental and geographical restrictions.

With every challenging project we face, we are resolute in finding solutions to them, further widening our capabilities in delivering unconventional builds.

Contact us for a no-obligation on-site evaluation, to see if we can be of help to you today.

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